Synchronised and dynamic machine axes of the CNC- machining center
Stable clamping of the component
Control unit of the machine tool has a program for the Punch Tap cycle. Please contact therefor your machine tool builder or control unit supplier.
Lubricants: coolant-lubricants, cutting oils or MQL


The helical cold-forming of an internal thread requires a cylindrical pre-drilled hole with a diameter smaller than the nominal diameter of the thread.

Predrilling Hole

Standard thread M6, pitch 1,0 mm

pre-drilled hole ø 5,55 mm (specified by tool manufacturer)
90° conical counterboring (e.g. 6,3 mm diameter for M6, accord. to DIN 76-1:2004-06)


Economic Efficiency

The economic efficiency of the threading technology is the result of a high number of threads and the time savings achieved with shorter machining time.

Economic Efficiency

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