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workpiece samples usable for helical threading

The Punch Tap thread technology is usable in many applications. In numerous industries such as automotive, temperature control technology, pneumatics, housing- and plant engineering, the internal threading technology Punch Tap has opened up new time saving potentials. Engineered for use in the workpiece materials aluminium cast alloys and aluminium wrought alloys, you can achieve time savings of up to 75% in a threading cycle.

The ideal solution for mass production with thread sizes M4 up to M8.

Sample applications:


  • engine blocks
  • gearbox housing
  • cylinder head
  • injection pump
  • crankshaft housing
  • cooling element
  • cooler grills
  • head exchanger
  • pneumatic valve
  • pneumatic cylinder
  • hinge bearing
  • compressor housing
  • housing cap
  • water pump
  • engine connecting parts